After Lipo masagges | Relaxing Massage


This treatment releases your muscles and calms your nervous system – it’s the perfect recipe for relaxation. Everyone could benefit from a Relaxing massage – whether you’re struggling to sleep, got deadlines to hit, or just want some quality ‘me’ time.

During your treatment

Your therapist will use their hands to give you a massage filled with light pressure and flowing strokes in a calming environment you can create yourself. Your therapist might also treat your head, face, neck and face, for a full body experience. Pick your favourite candle, play some relaxing tunes, dim the lights, and get ready to feel next-level chilled.

Benefits of Relaxing Massages

• An improved night’s sleep, thanks to a calmed nervous system

• A drop in cortisol levels (that’s the hormone that’s created when you

  feel stress)

• Muscles that feel looser and more relaxed

• Massage that focuses on your body as a whole



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